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These 9 Restaurants In MAKATI Will Give You An Extraordinary Dining Experience!

From flaming desserts, to booze in the shape of a popsicle, Makati City has got it all. The city holds unique or just simply amazing culinary treasures that will bring your dining experience to a whole new level. Check out these awesome places!

1. Black Sheep

Black Sheep focuses on Asian dishes (mainly Chinese) with a twist and a totally out of the box presentation! Almost everything here is served so beautifully, you will not want to miss an instagram post when you dine here. Their famous for their juicy meats, whether pork, beef or even duck, check this out!

Photo @blacksheepmnl

This is one of their signature dishes you cant find anywhere else, they call this the “Bird’s Nest”, glazed organic peking duck leg and smoked coconut duck breast with taro and orange kamote!

Photo @blacksheepmnl

The “Foie Xiao Long Bao” is something next level! It’s basically your classic Xiao Long Bao, but with Foie Gras, xiaoxing sauce, peanuts and pickled ginger! Talk about CLASS!

photo @blacksheepmnl

and check out these super juicy twice-cooked wagyu brisket with 5-month-old masterstock! Wow, just wow. and They also pay extra attention in order to make their presentation to 110% and super aesthetically pleasing!

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Address: 2230 Chino Roces Avenue, UPRC1 Building

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2. Bondi & Bourke

Bondi & Bourke is a modern Australian restaurant headed by Chef Wade Watson, where it features Australian favourites. This is one of those restaurant that is perfect for any occasion, whether you want to have brunch, lunch, dinner, or even to just chill with your friends for arvo.

Photo @bondibourkeph

You can start your weekend for brunch with their famous sexy looking egg benedict!

Photo @bondibourkeph

Enjoy the afternoon with a charming centrepiece of cured meats and fine cheeses, paired with dried apricots, olives, pickles, fruits, and even some wine!

Picture by @adriana_zobel

Or end your night with some steak!

Again, an awesome restaurant like this can get quite packed so booking is very recommended, and if you book your place through the Bigdish app, you could even get a 30% discount off your bill!

Address: Ground Floor, Cattleya Condominium Building, Salcedo Corner Aguirre Street, Legaspi Village

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3. Art Circle Cafe

Cool things, cool things everywhere. Picture by @caloyskxi

Art Circle Cafe is surely one place you do not want to miss out! Especially if you’re into paintings and sculptures. This cafe is basically one big art space / gallery that doubles to a cafe, where you can both feast your eyes and your tummy. The gallery consists of mainly local artists, more towards contemporary art, you can imagine how colourful and cool their works are, check this out:

Surround yourself in art while you dine! now this is where inspiration comes from! Awesome picture by @fretz_eleccion

The restaurant features mostly Italian dishes,  with some other continental, including local dishes too!

This lovely delicious squid ink pasta. Picture by @greatancheta
Gorgeous photo by Turista Trails

Or you could even just sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee with their famous black and white cake. Now this is a work of art you can eat! According to blogger Turista Trails, the cake can be described as “Attractive marbled appearance evoked decadence, but its intense chocolate flavor was what I truly loved about it. The crumby base tasted buttery. On its own, it was impressive. Paired with the Benguet Coffee, it tasted divine. I’ll definitely return soon for the whole cake which costs no more than a thousand pesos.”. Go check out his blog post for more info! If you book a table through BigDish, you could even get a 30% discount on this restaurant!

Address: Ground Floor, Y2 Residence Hotel, Santiago Corner Valdez and Singian Streets, Poblacion

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4. Ganso Shabuway

Ganso Shabuway began on August 2004 at San Mateo, California. It was opened by Eiicgi Mochizuki and Koji Kikura who wanted to offer customers the best Japanese style hot pot. The name “Shabuway” came from a quotation, “The road to shabu-shabu for shabu-shabu lovers.” and the restaurant really speaks to the name! Thankfully, now we can all enjoy Ganso Shabuway in The Philippines as well!

Picture @gansoshabuway

Diners have an option to choose between two shabu-shabu stocks: Traditional Seaweed and the Spicy Miso Soup. As for the shabu-shabu sets, Shabuway offers the following:

  • Vegetable Shabu Shabu
  • Japanese Mushroom Shabu Shabu
  • Meyer Natural Angus Shabu Shabu Set
  • Kobe Beef Shabu Shabu Set

Aside from the high quality meat, Shabuway also features great dipping sauces, which will make your shabu-shabu experience more exciting. Again, an awesome restaurant like this can get quite packed and you don’t want to wait for your shabby! so book your place through the Bigdish app, you could even get a 30% discount off your bill!

Address: Rockwell, Lower Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall

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5. Smith Butcher and Grill Room

Smith Butcher and Grill offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience for all you meat lovers. Great meats, great ambiance, and a totally next level way of cooking and presentation for their dishes. The restaurant also offers prime meat cuts from 4 continents!

Photo @smithbutcher

Can’t think of which continent to chose from? Well they’ve got that sorted for you with their steak platter!

Photo @smithbutcher

After your juicy steaks, you can enjoy their absolutely stunning desserts like their Baked Alaska! Flambéed right at your table! Truly a super worthy instagram post!

Photo @smithbutcher
Smith Butcher and Grill also has an exceptional selection of wine, single malt, whiskey, and cocktails that are thoughtfully chosen to enhance your dining experience. If you’re a whiskey lover, you NEED to try their Old Fashioned, uniquely infused with apple juice! it’s the perfect way to end your night!
You wouldn’t want to line up if the place is packed, so it’s always recommended to book your place here first! And if you book through the Bigdish app, you could even get a huge discount here up to 30%!

Address: ACI Building, 147 H. V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village

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6. El Chupacabra

Photo by i-eatdrinkdream
Named after the legendary “goat-sucking” creature Chupacabra, El Chupacabra specializes in street tacos and other Mexican favorites in a totally awesome and chill place full of Mexican vibes. Their slogan is “Cheap Beer, BBQ, Tacos” and they don’t play around!
Photo by jinlovestoeat
Make sure to try their bestselling Carne Asada which features bite-sized steak cuts topped with onions, green pepper, and chopped cilantro. Love sisig? You’d definitely love the San Francisco-style lean pork sisig taco.

Overall, it’s just an awesome place to just chill with your friends! The place gets crowded at times, so you better book your place before! And if you book through Bigdish, you could even get discounts off your table!

Address: 5782 Felipe Street, Poblacion

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7. Poulet Manille

Photo @pouletmanille
Poulet Manille serves up chicken like you’ve never tried it before. French rotisserie chicken, the superstar of Poulet Manille, is juicy and extremely flavorful, healthy and packed full of protein, and also free ranged! For starters, have the Mesclun Garden Salad and munch on the crispy chicken skin.  For your main course,  have the Classic French Roast with Herbs de Provence Butter, or the African-inspired Peri-Peri Chicken. Another favorite is the Slow Braised Lamb Shank Roasted Eggplant and Creamy Mashed Potato. Come on and grab your chicken now! and you could even get a huge discount up to 30% if you book through our Bigdish app!
Address: Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, L.P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village


8. Corner Tree Cafe

Photo @cornertreecafe

Vegetarian restaurants are still somewhat of a rarity in the Philippines, and good ones even more so. Corner Tree Cafe is part of a small but growing group of vegetarian restaurants which have been able gain a strong foothold in the hearts of many people in Manila – vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

Corner Tree Cafe showcases the wide array of taste experiences which can be reached with vegetarian (and vegan) food, doing so by offering meals from all over the world. Dishes from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Americas are served. One of their most famous dish is called the “Buddha Bowl” which consists of broccoli, roasted sweet potato, spinach, onions with kimchi drizzled with a tahini sauce sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds and nori over red rice or quinoa (picture shown above), a truly unique and AWESOME dish!

Picture @cornertreecafe
You can also enjoy a good glass of wine, and fresh fruit shakes obviously are a part of the menu as well. Don’t forget to book through our Bigdish App to get an up to 30% discount off your bill!

Address: 150 Jupiter St. corner Saturn Street, Bel-air

9. Hooch

Hooch is probably one of the most creative bars we’ve ever encountered! Their creations are totally next level. The place is popular amongst Expats living around the area, and while the name “Hooch” The word “hooch” is a slang for moonshine or bootleg alcohol, popular term during the restrictive 1920’s Prohibition, the drinks they serve are truly 100% original (both creative wise and ingredients wise).

Photo @hoochph
Photo @hoochph

Now this! this is the one everyone needs to try! The “Mellow Chilled Popsicle” may look like your usual ordinary popsicle, well, it’s not as innocent as you think! It’s actually infused with tequila!

Or if you’re hungry, you could even taste this heavenly fish cocktail! They call this “Hooch’s Kick Ass Kinilaw”, consisting of mahi-mahi, tuna, salmon, mango, caviar, and Visayan pinakurat! An absolute must try. After working hours, you don’t want to be waiting for a table for your ultimate bar experience, you could book your place through our Bigdish app and enjoy up to 30% off your bill!

Address: Ground Floor, V Corporate Center, 125 L. P. Leviste Street, Salcedo Village

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